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I think you are looking for ‘About Us’ page, then you might be thinking who made this website. Hello everyone I’m Deepika Agarwal I have chosen our website’s name as “The Mehndi Design”. I have created this website because blogging is my passion as well as our profession and i also love to create / write contents on topics which are popular, unique and useful for the users. March 26, i have started my work on this website.

About The Website: –

“The Mehndi Design” is a website for all types of “Mehndi Designs” or “Mehandi Designs” or “Henna Designs” etc. [ Sorry for the repeated words but lots of peoples in various cities or from various countries or almost from various continents (:D) use different words ]. There are various articles for different types of Mehndi Designs available on our website like “Arabic Mehndi Designs”, “Bridal Mehndi Designs”, “Latest mehndi Designs” and “Simple Mehndi Designs”. All images are different / new / unique, which we’ve scraped throughout the web. All images which are available on our website, we’ve collected through various sources / platforms and these images are free to download which may not be easily possible to find out on the internet and we will provide you new images per month with our new articles / posts. So, stay connected with us. { Peace out }.

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