Best Mehndi Desings 2021

Best Mehndi Desings : Mehndi indicates positivity in the atmosphere of any occasion. It is an important function on the occasion of marriage. Mehndi designs lighten the mood and ensure to append more beauty in your look. The colour of mehndi is rich and dark, whereas in some cases, it could be black or white. It is said that mehndi has to be done before 1 day but to be on point, it has to be done before 2-3 days to get a much darker colour. 

The most important thing is that you should go for the trial run if you are not familiar with the mehndi artist. Mehndi is one of the rituals used to beautify the bride and to give a more stunning look. Lemon sugar is used before cleaning mehndi in order to get a darker colour. It is said in the old era that the darker the colour of the mehndi, the more the love a woman will receive. 

These Best Mehndi Desings will surely help you out in choosing wonderful designs. It’s an Indian tradition that the groom’s name will be written on the bride’s hand in her mehndi design. Groom is required to identify his name so that they can start a good conversation. These designs will catch your attention, so scroll and see to it. 

Traditional Floral Mehndi Design

Those brides who love their hands in mehndi can apply traditional patterns as it covers their full hand with a greater look. If you are a bride preferring minimalistic things, then you should try a floral mehndi design containing flowers and leaves in it. Mandala motifs have a different charm when they are combined with floral mehndi patterns to create stunning Best Mehndi Desings

Full Hand Mehndi Design

If you possess any myth regarding full hand design mehndi being messy, then you should look toward it. It is the most common approach of bridal mehndi design as their feet and hands are fully covered with mehndi. Full hand mehndi designs are full of creativity, grace and beauty. Using voguish motifs with clear patterns are winning hearts. For brides who want to go for Indo western style, this is the best choice for her. 

Customized Mehndi Design

There are brides who love to wear mehndi designs of their own creations, such as creating pictures of their dog or their favourite series. Personalised designs of mehndi are trending for real-time. Couples exchanging jaima and their travelling story are some of the examples of personalised mehndi design. Motifs, lotus and peacocks are also used to attach more beauty to it.

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Best Bridal Mehndi design

Combining all the aesthetic elements of bridal mehndi design such as flowers, motifs and bride and groom portraits. This bride mehndi design empowers more beauty in mehndi design. The sum of all bridal elements in one design will definitely give a stunning look to it. The intricacy of floral design presenting light and dark patterns also contributes to the most beautiful edge of bridal mehndi design. 

Arabic Mehndi Design

The mixture of floral artwork with geometric pattern gives a bold and stunning look to Arabic mehndi design for brides. The lotus petals on fingers with leaves gives an adorable design. Arabic mehndi design is a modern style of design that is in demand of brides. Covering all the fingers with motifs and flowers and then giving a dashing look at the backside of the bride’s hand. This Best Mehndi Desings can be used for any occasion, whether it’s a small festive or any party. A woman can add more beauty by applying Arabic mehndi design on their hand. Arabic mehndi design is a kind of rebirth of traditional design with a modern touch in it. 

This article includes different types of Best Mehndi Desings that you can opt for and add beauty to your hands. Mehndi is a traditional ritual though nowadays, everyone considers mehndi as a part of the decoration, and they only want to decorate it much better. Modern styles are getting trending, and modern brides mostly go for personalised mehndi design. Arabic mehndi design can be used as a simple mehndi design, or full hand Arabic can be a professional task as well.  

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