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January 6, 2019
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Basics of Mehndi Designs

Mehndi originated in India as a tradition that has been passed down from generations to generations. Its natural healing and cooling properties have become known for those who want to soothe their tired bodies and minds. Today,

Mehndi designs have grown to become a significant part of various Western and Indian Occasions.

Decorating your body with Mehandi Designs will not only make you feel better about yourself. Legend has it that these Simple Mehendi Designs can also bring good luck to their wearers. The darker the colors of your Mehndi Design, the better your chances of getting good luck.

The popularity of Best Mehandi designs has continue to grow over the past few years. This sensational trend immediately became a part of wedding culture. It also became the most sought for body art technique because of the therapeutic benefits that it brings.

Symbols and Meanings Of Mehndi Designs

Various Mehandi designs have been popular over the past few years. In India, game boards are included in the collection of traditional henna patterns. Today, this design is also incorporate with different contemporary patterns use for body art. Sometimes, those who use this pattern use it as a metaphor for the game of chance referring to marriage.

Scorpion patterns, also known as ancient symbols for life force or reincarnation, were popularly use during the late Neolithic Age until the early Bronze Age. This pattern is use as a representation for love. Love is compare to a scorpion sting that catches you off guard and makes you feel breathless. Some people also use it as a protective amulet that can sting Evil Eyes.

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Meanwhile, paisleys and peacocks were use to represent good luck and fertility. Paisleys are rich is spiritual and symbolic meanings. Indians regard paisleys as the time for harvest ad socio-economic prosperity. In Eastern religions, the combination of two paisleys represents the interaction of two polar energies that can lead to creation.

Tradition To Fashion of Mehndi Designs

Traditionally, mehndi design is an art form that is more associate with women than men. However, in countries where it is most commonly use – including India, Pakistan and parts of North Africa and the Middle East – men also have parts of their bodies paint to bring good fortune for special occasions. History also tells us that men have worn mehndi designs in matters related to murder. Today, the art form is also on the increase among men in the US and Europe with non-Asian backgrounds, where the use of henna by celebrities and its growing presence are making it a popular choice.

  • Tradition (mehndi ki design)

The use of henna is usually associate with a religious festival or a rite of passage and it has a positive connotation. In some cultures, men have always and will continue to use mehndi designs for important occasions. The Marwari of the Indian state of Rajasthan, for example, continue to paint their hands like their brides as part of the preparation for a wedding in the hope that it will help bring a successful union; one that sees children running around, and brings happiness and enough wealth to avoid approaching the bank for a loan

The practice is not just confine to weddings. The people of Siwa, in Egypt, are said to descend from the Berbers of North Africa, who widely use mehndi for special occasions. During male circumcision ceremonies in Siwa until the twentieth century and possibly still today, boys’ hands were paint with mehndi designs. Following the ceremony, henna was also put onto the wound as it also is thought to have medicinal properties.

While much is known about the historical use of henna by women, less is known about usage by for men. However, historical records of the first century, written by Jewish historian Flavius Josephus record that henna was use in warfare to aid disguise.According to the historian, Simon the Zealot made his troops have their hands paint with henna, their eyes outline with kohl pencil and dress as women to pose as prostitutes. So disguise, they lured opposing forces inside the walls of the then Roman-occupie city Jerusalem and kill them.

Later artistic evidence points to the use of mehndi designs among Iranian military and upper-class males about two hundred years ago. Portraits show fingernails painted with henna. There is also evidence that Afghan tribesmen earn the right to have henna tattoos if they avenged their tribe by killing an enemy.

There is growing interest among Westerners with non-Asian backgrounds in mehndi design, who know it better as henna art or painting. Partly triggered by Madonna’s use of mehndi designs in the 90s, a whole host of US celebrities has been photograph with henna on their hands, bellies and feet, most of whom are women. Singer-musician Prince has also had mehndi designs on his hands and Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood has been photograph with henna art on his naval. Comedian-actor Russell Brand also wore mehndi to his Hindu wedding to singer Katy Perry. The popularity of the art also extends to the sporting world where the most muscular of bodies of a number of boxing champions have been paint for the

Whether for Hollywood gatherings, sporting events or local village festivals, mehndi design is an increasingly popular attraction. Although it has no cultural or traditional background in this context, it has a number of benefits. The impermanence of mehndi makes it an alternative to permanent ink tattoos, since they will soon fade and can be replace with a different image, making the body an ever- changing canvas. Furthermore, unlike tattoos, mehndi design does not hurt. This growth in popularity means that mehndi artists are now including images for and of men on their websites.

Just as traditional mehndi art varies from region to region, these artists and men are taking the art in their own direction.Understandably uninterest in the intricate or floral designs that are often worn by women, the images chosen by men are different.They are more likely to appear on the neck, back or head rather than the hands or ankles and are more similar to the permanent tattoos they might have chosen – Eastern symbols like the Om or Chinese characters, simple geometric designs, mythical beasts and animals.

Speaking of which, there is a tradition of using mehndi designs on animals too. Hollywood and fashion will surely follow.

How to Select Best Mehndi Design

The charisma of weddings can be experience everywhere, as the best bridal mehndi designs also display the joyful mood of the marriage ceremony. The bride is enthusiastic and keen to pick out the most beautiful mehndi design that would beautify her hands and feet, and with the broad range of mehndi designs and mehndi patterns, it gets more comfortable to pick out the nonpareil mehndi design.

  • Mehndi Designs and Patterns (mehndi designs easy and simple) most significant aspect that requires attention on the part of the bride is the mehndi designs and patterns link to the bridal mehndi designs. The mehndi designs and patterns cover a vast variety, as you get along by classical designs, elegant bridal designs and contemporary designs as well as royal designs.

Picking out the decent bridal mehndi designs that allows gorgeous and awesome looks to your hands and feet is the important aspect that produces a immense difference.These bridal mehndi designs can also be pick out in a way that they cope well with the bridal dresses, and the combination produces gorgeous affect during the marriage ceremony.

  • Mehndi Artist (dulhan mehndi design) you search several possibilities to pick out the best bridal mehndi designs, it’s also crucial to take the services of the nonpareil mehndi artist who can produce the most effective of the mehndi designs through their servings. The former works related to the mehndi artist will assist to recognize the quality of service and the price concerning to services also matter as you look to take their services.With the invitees as well lusting to possess awesome looks with the best mehndi designs, getting the nonpareil mehndi artist who provides economical hourly rates and a good service is very significant.

When you are looking to find ways and means to select good bridal mehndi designs, the above article will provide the perfect idea to pick out the best mehndi designs and patterns.

We have shown some very good pictures of mehndi designs and patterns in this site. We hope you will love those mehndi designs and will incorporate those bridal mehndi designs in your marriage as well.

How to Apply Mehndi Designs

mehndi-designWhen applying mehndi designs, it is important that the areas have to be first wash with soap and water. Avoid using oily soaps as this will only prevent the color of the mehndi from setting properly on the area. Then the bridal mehndi has to be kept on the area for 2-3 hours till it dries. After this, the mehndi has to be scrape off and not wash off.

Do not apply water to the area for a minimum of 24 hours to get the best color from mehndi. Make it a point to apply a mixture of sugar and lemon at least twice on the dry area and once the mehndi designs are completely drie. And have some steam pass through cloves over the gas. You could also apply Vicks on the area for better color.

Once the mehndi starts to fade and tends to become patchy, you can remove the mehndi design completely using cosmetic body bleach. After applying mehndi on your hands or feet, avoid standing close to the air conditioner as it only dries up the mehndi.

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