Easy Mehndi Design Tips For Beginners

Easy Mehndi Design : Are you mesmerized by the beautiful dark brown Indian body art, mehendi? If so, why not try it yourself and become better at it by practicing, and maybe one day you will be the most hotshot mehendi designer in Indian weddings. To bear eyes the designs may seem intoxicatingly intricate and filled with detailing. But also as beginners, you can develop designs that look ornamental with some practice

What makes mehendi design unique?

If you are familiar with Henna mehendi designs you may have noticed that mostly mehendi designs are an amalgamation of motifs, lines, curves, dots, flowers, and leaves. The designs generally have a middle-east vibe and influence. So what sets apart the perfect mehendi design on the bride and your design is practicing the right techniques.

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Mehendi design easy tips and components of Mehendi

  1. Practice on white cheap cloth: When you are beginning as a Mehendi artist, you must practice in bulk. Contrary to common  belief, even when you have not practiced you may be flooded with ideas that are way too complicated for you. So, you must develop the skill from scratch.
  2. Dots : This is the most fundamental and basic component of mehendi art. If you just master practicing dots in various styles you can create your first design just by doing dots in circles. Practice dots of various sizes and increase the speed of doing, get comfortable with adjusting the pressure and using your wrist.
  3. Lines and curves: The next basic things are lines. Practice doing vertical and horizontal straight lines. And, you may be surprised how difficult it can be. Next things will be to practice, waves, and curved lines like the English letter “c” and reversed c. This exercise will help you to gain more control over curves and help you to draw mehndi on the front hand, back of the hand, and especially on the upper section of fingers.

 4. Leafs: If you just want to master one single component of mehndi design for beginners, consider practicing leaves. First, start with drawing the mid stem and move on to adding the leaves. Practice this after you have practiced doing curves successfully.

5. Circles: To finish off the list practice doing circles. Additionally, also practice moving the wrist and imagining the circle before you draw it. This way, you can visualize the route your hand will move and practice often. Circles are the fundamentals of drawing flowers which is an abundant part of beautiful mehendi designs.

6. Visualize: While trying to create the most beautiful piece of mehndi design you ever did, do not make the mistake most beginner artists do. Try to have a clear visualization of what you want to make while doing it for others. And, Don’t hesitate to use Google photos, Pinterest boards, mandala art photos, and Instagram for inspiration.

7. Experiment: if you are trying to come up with beautiful yet intricate mehndi designs feel free to let your mind wander. Experiment with combinations, flower designs, detailing. And, this is how you evolve.

Suggestions For Creating Simple Yet Beautiful Designs

  • Leaf trails: Try two crossing curves with small leaves and just one of the fingers to continue or you can do the same design on the wrist.
  • Crossing lines and mandala: You can simply put two diagonal lines on the hand and do circular curves with dots to create a simple yet cute design. You can also make this on the toes.
  • Flowers: If you have gotten good with flowers, combine three or four sizes of flowers and can do either circular or conch design. Include some lines to add contrast.
  • 2 flower and dots: If you want a quick yet pleasing easy mehndi design you can draw two large flowers diagonally one on the wrist and another on the upper corner and join them with dots in a curved path and finish it off by drawing criss cross lines on the consecutive finger.

Mehndi designs can be tricky and take a lot of time but the beauty of it always amazes us. So, add these tips to get better at mehndi design and create easy yet beautiful designs for the next wedding you attend.

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