How To Apply And Remove Mehndi

How To Apply And Remove Mehndi : Henna, more commonly known as Mehndi has been an integrated part of Indian culture. Mehndi originates from the Sanskrit word, Mendhika, and in Hindu Vedas, it is characterized as a symbol of the inner and outer sun. Since archaic times, It has been a tradition to adorn palms and feet with henna in times of celebrations and festivities among women.

Mehndi is a herb that is dried and then turned into powder. This powder is essentially a dye and it leaves red color or its darker shade on the skin. It also gives off a cooling effect and helps in cooling down the nerves. Read on to find out how to apply henna tattoo and the proper way for how to remove mehndi.

How to apply Mehndi

To master the art of applying Mehndi, diligent practice is a must. You can try countless designs on a glass sheet or even a plane sheet. The appropriate method for how to apply mehndi is described below.

The most important component in the art of henna is to have a steady hand. For a steady hand, you need to learn how to hold a cone properly. Learn to be comfortable while holding the cone and squeeze it.

Tip, Squeeze your cone, a little at a time. Too much force would cause the liquid mixture to sputter out too much at once, possibly ruining your design.

Here is a step-by-step description of how to apply henna tattoo to a hand

  • Wash Your Hand properly: You don’t want to have an oily hand. Mehndi application is better on dry skin. Use a liquid hand wash or alcohol rub.
  • Well-prepared Mehndi cone: your liquid henna mixture should have a proper consistency; it should not be too runny or thick. The tip of the cone should not be cut too big or small either lest your detailing would be affected.
  • Designing: Now that you know how to hold your cone, you are ready to design various mehndi styles. Start your design from the base of your palm and spread it out either toward the tips of your fingers or the elbow.

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How to remove Mehndi

Learning how to apply Mehndi is an entirely different process, while how to remove mehndi has different stakes. After the design is complete, you have to be careful with your hands. After at least twenty minutes, you would notice the liquid mixture drying into a solid form.

There can still be little parts where it’s not entirely dry, so think beforehand if it’s worth the risk to move. Most of the time, Henna is applied at night time so that your hands would during the night and you can remove Mehndi first thing in the morning.

Drying and scraping is part of how to remove Mehndi

  • For a faster drying process, you can use a heater.
  • You can apply a mixture of lemon juice and sugar on your mehndi as it helps in keeping the drying scuffs stuck on the palm. It will avoid the mess falling dry bits can make.
  • For this, you use 65% lemon juice and dissolve the rest of 35% sugar to prepare this mixture. Use a cotton ball. Dip it in the syrup and gently dab it on the mehndi design.
  • If you keep it for some more time like this, this can give you the darkest shade possible.

Tips and Precautions

Nowadays the Mehndi cones contain various chemicals. There is always a chance of an allergic reaction like itching, reddening, and swelling in the area of contact.

Moreover, if you have sensitive skin, It is recommended that you first test it by applying a very tiny amount to the back of your hand. Wait for a few minutes and then proceed.

In case you are having an allergic reaction, you can try making your own cone. Organic mehndi powder is available in various packaging and costs the same as the cone would cost you.

The entire process is very simple and with a good amount of dedication, it can be tactfully carried out.

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