Indian Mehndi Designs For Festivals

Indian Mehndi Designs : The subcontinent of India is never short of any kind of celebration and festivities. During these festivals and auspicious occasion, the women and girls of the family love to draw the Mehendi Patterns on their hand. Be it Marriage, Diwali, Id, women are always fond of drawing Mehendi Designs. 

Indian Bridal Mehndi Designs

The bridal Mehndi Design are generally very much lengthy and intricate. It requires a lot of patience and effort to complete one palm. Also, these designs are drawn all over the hands. It covers the fingers, palm and may stretch till the arm. It is drawn on both the front and Back of the hands. Many brides draw motifs, couple names, logo, hashtags, portraits or other symbols using the Mehndi. 

The Indian mehndi designs include many objects in their patterns that are very difficult to draw, but they instil a sense of royalty and richness in the hands. Take, for instance, the Peacock, which is the national bird,  which highlights the royalty.

Similarly, the elephants are also drawn in the Indian mehndi designs, wherein these elephants are further adorned with many flowers and ferns. To draw them is a matter of expertise; however, there are stamps available where these patterns can be incorporated without doing much of the manual labour. The Indian bridal designs also consist of chandeliers and alpana designs.

Earlier, the women of the family used to draw these bridal mehndi designs on the brides during the marriage ceremony. However, nowadays, beauty parlours and other Mehendi designers are invited to draw these difficult but beautiful patterns on the hands of the bride. The bridal mehndi designs are also found in the feet of the bride. They look magnificent after they dry, giving bright black and dark brown patterns.

Arabic Mehndi Design

The Arabic mehndi designs have come from the countries of the Arab.  They look very stylish and superbly modern when drawn in the hands and feet.  The ferns and the Chandlers drawn are the basics of the Arabian Mehendi designs. 

These are usually drawn during the eve of Eid, Roka, marriage, nikkah etc. It is very much famous in the Muslim communities where they prefer Arabic mehndi designs over any other kind of mehndi designs.

But it would not be wrong to say that the Arabic mehndi designs have transcended the community stereotypes and are well-acknowledged and accepted by the other communities of the Indian society. Moreover, these are more openly chosen by teenagers who have a great sense of style and modernity.

Rajasthani Mehendi Designs

The Rajasthani Mehendi designs owe their origin to the vicinity of Rajasthan, which is the land of royals. These designs are very Royal and rich in their patterns. They include various patterns of Peacocks, elephants, Kings and Queens.  They also feature the alpana and the chandeliers in them, but these are quite different from that of the Arabian mehndi designs.

Needless to say, they are one of their kind. They required a great amount of patience and practice. These Rajasthani mehndi designs are very popular in the northern part of India. The Karwa Chauth, the Teej and Diwali are the occasions where these designs are most sought after.

Indo-Arabic Fusion

The Indo- Arabic Mehndi Designs are an enthralling fusion of the Indian as well as the Arabic Mehndi Design. This design is currently in vogue. It is drawn magnificently on the palms and feet during the occasion of Navratri, Diwali. Even if there is no occasion, one still can draw such designs in the palms and feet.

Unlike the original Indian Mehendi Designs and Arabic Mehndi Design, the fusion style is relatively easier as well as quicker to draw. The remarkable blend of techniques is no doubt considered to be any less than the originals themselves.

These Patterns look beautiful and add to the charm of the Indian women. Apart from this, they are also considered to be auspicious on many occasions.

They are embedded in our rich culture and artistic talents. Simple Mehndi Design, Easy Mehndi Design, Arabic Mehndi Design, Front and Back Mehndi Design and Bridal Mehndi Design are some of the common categories of the Mehndi Designs that are offered by various Beauty Parlors, Salons and Mehndi Designers.

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