The Choicest of Latest Mehndi Designs For Bride

Latest mehndi designs : The Mehndi, just like the vermilion and turmeric, is considered to be very auspicious in marriage ceremonies. It is one of the Shringaar of the bride. However, it is also found that some men, specifically the grooms, also decorate their palms and feet with the latest mehndi designs.

There is also an interesting and exciting ceremony celebrated amidst the various other marriage ceremonies. The Mehendi ceremony is ordinarily celebrated on the bride’s part where all the women of the house, including the bride, the bridesmaid and their fellow friends, draw various kind and Mehndi patterns on their palms and feet.

There is a lot of dance and music in the atmosphere, and it is observed with a lot of enthusiasm and joy. This ceremony is often followed by a delicious dinner party or a lunch party.  Earlier, the women used to draw beautiful Mehendi designs on the hands and feet of each other in the family and friends.

However, in the current scenario, these traditions are being carried out by booking any Mehndi designer who draws the beautiful henna patterns on the palms and feet of by women of the bride side.

There are a lot of Mehendi Designs that are currently trending for brides. However, the Indian Mehendi Designs, Rajasthani Mehendi Designs, the bridal Mehndi Design and Arabic Dulhan Designs are most popular. 

1. Indian Mehndi Designs

Many Indian brides do not like sophisticated designs; they rather prefer simple and Easy Mehndi Design. This is the point where the Indian Mehendi Designs enter the platform. There are simple Mehendi Designs. They usually feature the sun, the moon, the flowers, the urn or Kalash.

They are simple yet gorgeous. Nobody can really take pod eyes from them. However, there are Indian latest mehndi designs that are not as simple as they seem; rather, they are stuff that requires a great deal of patience and effort. A lot of practice can make one an expert in Mehendi Designs.

2. Rajasthani Mehendi Designs

The state of Rajasthan has gained its relevance all over the world for its vibrant culture. The clothing and jewellery are very magnificent in their beauty and their intricate pattern; just like that, the Rajasthani Mehendi Designs are also an intrinsic piece of art that is alluring to the human eyes.

The pattern they draw is very elaborate and detailed. It isn’t easy to make such patterns if one has not given a good amount of effort and patience. These designs are intricate and use elaborate design elements beautifully put together to create a mesmerizing pattern of art and artistic charm. They are chosen by a lot of brides who believe in sophistication.

The Rajasthani Mehndi Designs are very royal in their appearance. It is rich in designs. They include a lot of patterns in the form of animals in the designs. They usually draw elephants and birds like Peacock in the designs to make it even more attractive.

Brides usually love to colour their hands and feet with these royal Patterns as well as animal Patterns. You will be astonished to know that the Rajasthani Mehendi Designs are clear depictions of mother nature in an artistic form. The aesthetics are worth time and patience.

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3. Bridal Mehndi Designs

The Bridal Mehndi Designs are one of its kind. They are magnificent and wonderful patterns that are drawn all over the hands and feet of the bride. Starting from the tips of the finger to the end of the arm, it depicts exquisiteness. It is done on both the upper and lower parts of the hand.

They bring a sense of celebration and enthusiasm. It is this pattern that usually distinctly defines the bride from the rest of the women in the grand ceremony.

Nowadays, there are a lot of beautiful designs that are being drawn by women. Simple Mehndi Design, Easy Mehndi Design, Arabic Mehndi Design, Front and Back Mehndi Design and Bridal Mehndi Design are some of the common categories of the latest mehndi designs that are offered by various Beauty Parlors, Salons and Mehndi Designers.

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