How Does Mehendi Become Dark?

How Does Mehendi Become Dark? : Mehendi is essentially made up of henna leaves which have a natural dye of brown color. Depending on how saturated the henna paste is, the darker the mehndi paste becomes. Mehendi designing on the women’s body especially palms, fingers, and forearm are an essential ritual during weddings in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh. And, to add to the list the art is also visible in Iranian culture, and South East Asia, and Egypt.

How and where ‘Mehendi’ originated?

Mehendi designs for brides are don’t indicate the design but the marriage feast of staining the hands and feet of the woman. According to old texts, the Mehendi is also the ceremony in the Muslim religion for staining the hands when someone dies who was about to marry. The word mehndi itself originated from the Sanskrit word “mehndika”.

Despite its use in different situations, in South East Asia, all religions enjoy doing Henna mehndi also on special occasions except weddings like in ld-ul-Fitr, ld-ul-ah, Karva Chauth, Diwali, etc. Although the birthplace of this beautiful t temporary body art, is mostly claimed to be India, some also claim its origin to be Egypt.

Mehendi paste is made from the leaves of Lawsonia inermis and in Egypt all species of the genre Lowsonia is used for making henna dye. Henna is not only used for mehndi designs, but also to dye hair as it’s a natural dye. 

The real color of mehndi is brown to dark brown when applied and it becomes dark red when it becomes dry and removed. In the mehndi designs, except the color brown, white, black, red, green is also used rarely.

How does Mehendi become dark?

The longer the henna is left to dye the darker and rich the color of the mehndi comes out. Although you may not notice a dark brown just right after you have removed the henna because the henna stain on your hand gets oxidized over time. And, after 24 hours it has the richest color and hence best applied the day before the occasion.

Depending on the sensitivity and condition of your skin, the dye might be dark on some of your skin than others. It’s because generally henna mehndi stains thicker skin better than thinner skin as more skin cells are stained. There is an uncertified claim or trick that some households use to make the henna darker is to apply mustard oil after applying the mehndi.

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What makes mehndi black?

You may have seen this utterly satisfying dark, almost black mehndi used for designing on the front of the palm can be derived by two methods. One of them is extracting the dye from the leaves of Indica or Indigofera tinctoria. The other popular substance is PPD that is commonly added to henna pastes for staining black. PPD has caused severe allergic reactions to many people and was announced as the allergen of the year in the year 2016.

PPD is commonly used in commercial henna powder for hair as it stains quicker. For your safety, while buying black henna make sure to check the list of active ingredients and it’s best to just use natural henna mehndi. VLCC, Khadi, Habib’s, Banjara are few brands that sell natural henna powder that is safe for your scalp and skin.

Though getting originated from the Indian subcontinent mehndi designs have great middle -east influence and the most popular mehndi designs among brides are Arabic mehndi designs. Arabic mehndi designs are generally very bold, involving floral artwork and geometric patterns. And, there has been an upward trend in geometric patterns in trending mehndi designs 2021 with minimal or complimentary floral artwork. Asymmetry is another latest yet an evergreen trend in mehndi designs.


Mehndi is becoming more popular internationally since body art is integrated into many cultures now. The history, art, and tradition integrated with mehndi designs are valuable.  Also if you want to keep up with the latest designs for your next henna tattoo or for your wedding, you should definitely look into tends of mehndi designs and if you like How Does Mehendi Become Dark? then please share this article on social media.

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