Best 4 Mehndi Cone Brands And Types

Henna pastes for applying on the hand are available in triangular packages called mehndi cone. The quality of the henna paste has to be natural, superior quality to ensure that it dyes properly and also not cause any kind of allergic reaction.

The natural henna pastes are very soothing to the hands and have no harmful effects, but chemicals such as PPD are disapproved by the FDA and result in allergic reactions. The natural hennatonic acid present in the leaves of the henna tree dyes bright red or orange when applied.

Being said that, mehndi cones vary in different types starting from Rajasthani mehndi cones to organic and DIY mehndi cones. Here are the best brands of different types of mehndi cones available. Though these brands here recommended are not biased at all you should always do a patch test to test out if you are having irritations or allergies.

Best Mehndi Cone Brands

Prem Dulhan:

Prem Dulhan offers a hundred percent natural henna without mixing chemicals. Prem Dulhan is one of the most trusted and popular brand quality and consistency wise. If you are looking to order mehndi cones in bulk and easy to use, the cones total 300 grams with each cone costing around 80inr. Prem Dulhan has a bright red hue when applied. What Prem Dulhan wins over its competition is beautiful and aesthetic packaging.

Singh Mehndi cone:

 Singh Satrang Natural Mehndi is among considerably the best choices in natural mehndi. The consistency is just perfect in viscosity and Singh Mehndi is one of the oldest companies manufacturing mehndi in India. Except for natural mehndi, they also offer mehndi tubes and organic mehndi.

Now, if you are looking for bright red to orange-red colored mehndi design you can opt for the Singh Satrang mehndi cone and if you want the color to be a little darker you can try out their brown mehndi cones.

Neha Herbal Mehndi cones:

Neha Herbal is another recommend company offering smooth multi-filtered good quality mehndi cones. Neha mehndi tubes are quite famous for easy-to-use purposes. The dye of Neha mehndi is dark brown. Neha is a good brand if you want to dye your hands quickly and it also comes in 6 different colors. So if you want color and convenience you can certainly go for this brand after a patch test.

Neeta mehndi Cone:

To start with, the Neeta Mehndi cone has an aesthetically attractive metallic design on its package which is very nice. Then, coming to the quality there are added ingredients to the paste-like Nilgiri oil but no harmful chemicals. And, Nilgiri oil or eucalyptus oil is a very common ingredient in mehndi pastes and it has several health benefits but no known benefits to the skin except for soothing inflammation.

Neeta mehndi cones come in 12 pcs in the full pack with each cone containing 15 grams. The dye itself is very reddish-brown and the paste is smooth.

 These were the 4 best mehndi cones available both online and offline. But if you choose to buy other local brands and DIY packs from a seller always ensure that it doesn’t contain PPD and artificial coloring. And, most importantly always do a patch test before you start.

Must Read

3 Different type of mehndi cones

1.   Natural mehndi cones:

If you want to buy the best free of chemicals mehndi cones you can go for 100% natural mehndi cones like Prem Dulhan. Prem Dulhan mehndi cones use the finest and pure henna powder. The full pack of it generally comes with a dozen of 25g mehndi cones.

2.Organic mehndi cone:

Organic mehndi cones generally contain components that are derived from natural sources like clove oil, eucalyptus oil which is often used to soothe the skin. Clove and eucalyptus also chemical properties that ensure you get a rich color while applying. So if you want dark colors you can go for organic mehndi cones.

3. DIY mehndi cones:

If you want to make our DIY henna cones as your little projects, they are not very difficult and anyone can do that. You can use either mylar paper or common gift wrapping papers or another popular option is cellophane sheets. When you use mylar paper make sure they are mylar on both sides.

You just have to cut out a rectangular paper of anywhere between 15 inches to 18 inches on both sides. You have started the folding from one o the corner and tape it while making a cone shape. Make sure the end doesn’t have a gap or your henna paste will drip down. Now just seal the upper portion after filling the henna paste and yu DIY cone is ready.

This was a full guide on how to choose mehndi cones and what are the best brands available. In most cases, mehndi cones are very cheap, and doing mehndi is a fun experience. So, dye your palms and feet more often with these mehndi cones.

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