Traditional And Modern Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is a type of art that usually applies to hands when there is any occasion. Their characters which are impaired, makes us love to use them on our hands. Mehndi is a type of body art that includes various types of design such as Indian, Arabic and modern. The common colour of the mehndi designs is brown, but also white, red and black are commonly visible too. 

Every bride uses henna on their hands and feet, but the woman who is suffering from cancer uses mehndi on her scalp as well. This gives her much more positivity in her life. Mehndi shows positivity and fills your hands with colours. Traditionally, it was only created to wear on the palms of hands, whereas now it is common to use mehndi on any part of the body. It is an important tradition on the occasion of marriage to fill the bride’s hand and feet with exclusive mehndi designs. 

These are the designs that you could use and choose. We have an ultimate collection of design, including photos which will make it easy for you to decide. Mehndi design should nourish your beauty of hands and occasion matters most on it. These designs will definitely help you to find the best suitable design for your occasion, and that matches your personality. 

Modern Mehndi Design

The modern design has its own splendid art, which develops a complimentary design. On the right hand of the bride, this Arabic mehndi designs depicts the moon and stars, where floral elements enhance the looks of this easy mehndi designs. The lotus flower in mehndi design cherishes harmonious beauty, creative and illumination, which is essential for a good mehndi design. The modern mehndi designs represents stability and indicates true wisdom. 

Customised Mehndi Designs

This new generation only wants a type of mehndi design that makes them look prettier and cherish their personality. You can get what you want by using a customised mehndi design where space is left to fill based on your wants. These are easy mehndi designs with a little more effort in them by professionals. Couple patterned mehndi are common designs used by brides in their bridal mehndi design.  Love symbols ranging from hearts to peacock and portrait are the new combination of the modern style of designs. 

Arabic Mehndi Designs

Leaves, flowers and mandala are types of elements that are included in Arabic mehndi designs. Arabic Mehndi designs have this simple mehndi designs and minimalistic look, which is appreciated by every woman, especially brides. Brides mehndi design covers Arabic design where leaves and flowers are used to fill all the fingers of hands, and it has a modern touch of look. 

Indo Arabic mehndi design is a common design to use, and motifs are the main element of this design. Dots and shapes are other elements that give a better look. The precision and flowers give a more astonishing look as special Arabic mehndi design includes indo, glub and freestyle as well. 

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Glamorous circular design

This design is applied on the backside of the hands of the bride with a beautiful flower motif surrounded in it. To store balance and make it look more astonishing, artists use odd numbers. Due to this, the artwork of the mehndi design looks more appealing and astonishing. The circle has a shape of geometric which indicates eternity, and this is the only reason that wedding bands have round shapes. This is a bridal mehndi design that will cherish their bond and love through this glamorous circle. 

Floral Mehndi Designs

This design said that simplicity is the best sophistication. This simple mehndi design, yet so elegant and graceful, will give your hands a beautiful look. This design has flowers in it, and it is specialised for modern design and for small occasions such as any festive season. 

These are some of the designs which can help you out to choose which mehndi design you want. As design patterns totally depend upon the occasion and one’s personality. These Arabic mehndi designs are commonly used by brides as it has a modern way of representing our culture. Everyone loves creative and illuminating designs. Therefore, try to opt for that type of design that you can love the most. 

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