Patterns in Mehndi Designs which still are Cool

Patterns in Mehndi Designs : Mehndi Designs are very much into our culture and tradition. There is hardly any ceremonies in the Indian culture that goes without it. The Hindus all over the length and breadth of India, the Muslim and the Sikhs, are very much enthusiastic about adding the colours of Mehndi in their ceremonies as the women and girls show off the intricate designs in their palm and feet.

In many parts, the people draw henna patterns in their head a d other parts of the body. It is greatly appreciated as the Indian Tattoo. In this article, we shall learn about the various commonly used patterns in the Mehndi Designs. You may be surprised to know that there are many commonly used patterns irrespective of the kind of Mehndi Designs.

Say, for example, the flowery designs are common to the Indian Mehndi Designs as well as the Arabic Mehndi Design. The easy Mehndi Designs or the simple Mehndi Designs can be made using these simple patterns of flowers and leaves. There are also some patterns, including the elephants and peacocks. These objects require a great amount of patience and perseverance to master.

Commonly Used Patterns in Mehndi Designs

Following are some of the commonly used patterns or objects used in the Mehndi Designs to make them more fashionable and attractive.


The Flowers serve to be the simplest and easiest objects to be drawn on the Mehndi designs, be it the Arabic Mehndi designs or the Indian mehndi designs or the Rajasthan Mehndi designs. Flowers are very basic to the patterns.  There are innumerable patterns of flowers that can be drawn. Usually, the fingers are covered with Flowers to make them look more attractive and beautiful.

These flowers are mostly hinged to the leaves. It is such an object in the Mehndi design which requires minimal effort.  A simple pattern or design can make your palm look aesthetic without crowding it with many other patterns if you are a person who loves simplicity. 

The Flowers can be both gorgeous as well as simple. Hence, you can choose to incorporate a wide range of large collection designs in your designs.  Apart from that, these designs are suitable for all age groups, including teenagers and also the brides.

Leaves or fern

Next to the Flowers, the leaves and the ferns are very easy to draw. Their simple designs can be drawn throughout the palm to make it look magnificent. These are usually drawn on the centre of the palm, or small structures are drawn at the tips of the fingers.

It is mostly found in Arabic mehndi designs where the Flowers and the ferns are intricately connected to one another; if you want to elaborate if patterns of ferns and leaves, you have to deal with a great amount of patience and perseverance to master the art.

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The Kalash or the urn is very much connected to the Indian culture. It symbolizes auspiciousness and holiness.  These are usually drawn in the bridal mehndi designs. To draw the urn is a matter of experience and expertise; however, one can master it by practising on a daily basis.

Bride and Groom

While this might sound a bit surprising but the patterns of bride and groom that are on the bridal mehndi designs owe their origin to Gujarat or Rajasthan. But in the current scenario, almost every bride is having the pattern of bride and groom in her palms during her marriage. Now the stamps are available, which can easily incorporate the pattern without using much manual work.


In the rich and magnificent artistic designs of the Rajasthani mehndi designs, we find the patterns of elephants. These elephants are adorned with additional patterns of leaves and flowers, and ferns. This depicts our sense of royalty. It is rich in design, and nowadays, people are using stamps for incorporating elephant designs.

Having said so much about the above objects and Patterns, it is now evident that these are an extrinsic part of the designs. However, there are also other objects which are equally artistic and creative, say, for instance, the chandelier and alpana mehndi designs.

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