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Simple Mehndi Designs: Nobody actually knows the exact origin of Mehndi. According to some important and reliable documents, the origin of Mehndi Design dates back to long years ago, perhaps, in the fourth century. It was used in the vicinity of Ancient Egypt for the purpose of decoration. And you will be shocked or may be surprised to know that these Mehndi designs were done on the mummies of Egypt. Mummies are the preserved dead bodies of the men, animals and most importantly, the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. When they die, their bodies were preserved using various herbs or medicines and oil. 

The Mehndi Design was made on the mummies. During the fourth century, as a subcontinent, India also witnessed the use of Mehndi as decorating material. This is substantiated by the various artistic designs, patterns in the cave arts of the Deccan.

As we currently see that the Ajanta Caves of the Deccan has various beautiful and attractive patterns in the form of cave art. Well, some even call it with the term “Indian tattoo”. However, it has remained a fashion through so much evolution. In this article, we shall learn about the Simple Mehndi Designs for Teenagers.

Simple Mehndi Designs For Teenagers

Well, teenagers are the most complicated human beings on earth. However, that does not give them any disadvantage. They are more into exploration and innovation. They always seek to have some different and innovative designs. Their choices are mostly savage and funky in nature. The Arabic Mehndi Designs, Indo- Arabic Mehndi Designs, and Moroccan Mehendi Designs are usually more fascinating for teenagers.

Arabic Mehndi Designs

The popularity of the Arabic mehndi designs has Indeed taken a great leap in the past few years. It has the essence of the contemporaries or modernity in its unique patterns and designs. However, it is to be noted that at the very same time, it carries the flavours of the rich tradition too. The Arabian countries have made an immense contribution to these designs.

The artworks feature a lot of floral and leaves pattern. The designs are gorgeous and bold.  In a general sense, the Arabic design comes in both detailed and in the simplest forms. Thus, it depends on the teenager what she chooses to apply. 

There are simple and easy patterns that can be drawn even without practice and giving more time. And interestingly, even the simplest of the patterns look rich and sophisticated. As we know, many teenagers do not like to cover their entire hands or palms with the Mehendi Designs.

They prefer minimal of the pattern. Thus, this serves to give a good option for Teenagers. This Arabic Mehndi Design are mostly famous for their finger designs.

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Indo- Arabic Mehndi Designs

The Indo- Arabic Mehndi Designs are an amazing and exquisite fusion of the Indian Mehendi Designs and the Arabic Mehendi Design. Teenagers are drawn up to these patterns as a matter because of their uniqueness. It has floral and leaves patterns.

They are very spacious and not much derailed or elaborate as the original Indian designs, which mostly feature the Kalash or plants and ferns. These Mehendi designs are a bit funky. The Indo- Arabic Mehndi Design are very easy to draw, unlike the original Indian Mehendi Designs and the Arabic Mehndi Design. The fusion makes it versatile to fit into a wide number of outfits as well as for a wide range of ceremonies.

Moroccan Mehendi Designs

The Moroccan Mehendi Designs owe their origin to the Western countries. With time and years, they have evolved and varied their patterns. They are usually the patterns that highlight the savage and funky essence. Thus, it allures Teenagers the most.

They feature tribal logos, patterns, geometric figures in the art. These are very famous on the western side. They are easy to draw, also match many kinds of attires, apart from the traditional attires of the Teenagers. They are versatile and dovetail in almost all outfits.

The above Patterns are some of the most affordable as well as most sought Mehendi Designs. However, there a lot of patterns apart from that. And no one should deny exploring the other patterns and designs too.

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