Top Mehndi Design For Any Occasion

Occasions are common affairs of India, which comprises lots of rituals. As a woman, to give a fascinating look, it is mandatory to apply great mehndi design to your hands. On the occasion of marriage, there is a separate function of mehndi where brides get nourished and enjoy their bridal feel with this ritual. A part of coriander leaves as a ritual usually gets blended with water to create a paste. This paste is applied to the hands and legs of the bride to create different patterns. 

The mehndi can be removed after it dries off; it is usually to ensure that the bride doesn’t wash her hands or legs till 12 hours. This will result in rich and darker colour. A beautiful mehndi design represents the strength of any woman. It is commonly said that if the colour of mehndi is rich and dark, then she will get more loved by her upcoming family. Mehndi is also referred to as henna in the old tradition. 

There are different mehndi designs you can apply to your beautiful hands, whether it’s any occasion. The mehndi design totally depends upon the type of occasion; if it’s marriage, you go for heavy mehndi design, and if it’s a small function, you can for easy mehndi designs. 

Simple Mehndi Design

When there are small festive seasons or small functions in your family, you can apply easy and simple mehndi design based on the latest designs. If you go for tradition, you can apply finger adornment and jali design, whereas if you want to go for modern design, you can go for Arabic mehndi design

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New Mehndi Designs 

There are various new types of design emerging in a new trend that includes a couple of patterns or modern styles of look. This type of design provides more grace and comes with more elegance. These types of design include minion patterns and other cartoon characters as well. For these types of design, you have to find a professional artist as it requires full expertise who has done training in this field. You can’t just copy from watching a photograph.

Arabic Mehndi Design

This type of mehndi designs is usually different from old traditional types of mehndi. It gets applied on full hand, and it contains leaves patterns and birds or flowers. It’s just another way by which you can decorate your hands. It commonly includes floral artwork, and these types of design include more latif work as well. All of these designs cover your hands very beautiful, and when they get applied on a bold pattern, then they can compete with all other types of mehndi designs. 

Bridal Mehndi Designs

The bridal mehndi design comes inauspicious, and their design of mehndi is usually selected on the basis of traditional design. Hand and feet are covered with the best mehndi designs, and now the time bridal mehndi design also includes doli or Barat design. Barat indicates the groom’s relatives and their presence at the wedding location. Doli indicates the ending of the ceremony and vidai of the bride. It is a state presenting good luck and other Indian values. 

Full hand mehndi design is a commonly used design on brides where your whole hands get full mehndi. Geometric Mehndi designs are intriguing and easy to design, and it looks great when it’s done properly. You will know by yourself if it’s your cup of tea or not. The bangled theme design is also applied on brides, where their design indicates different types of bangles designs. You can get any type of bangle design as it is not always possible to get your type of bangle. 

These details will surely help you to choose what type of design you can go for. There are other designs you can ask your artist to find a suitable one for you. But you can keep in mind that designs are an unjust reflection of your human presence so choose a type of design that you can cherish. Brides are supposed to go for traditional design, but you can also choose more modern designs too as now there are such elegant designs are available.

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